The Purpose of The Florida Lodge of Research No. 999

The Florida Lodge of Research was established in December 1973 as a Fully Chartered Subordinate Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Florida.

The Grand Master, upon the petition of twenty or more Florida Masons in good standing, may form a Florida Lodge of Research for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, conducting, and fostering Masonic research and study and for the purpose of spreading Masonic light and knowledge and a Charter may be issued to such Lodge of Research without compliance with the usual requirements prescribed for the forming and chartering of regular subordinate Lodges.

Any Master Mason, a member in good standing of a Florida Lodge, shall be eligible for membership in and may petition for membership in the Florida Lodge of Research formed under the provisions of this section.

The Territorial Jurisdiction of such Lodge shall be coextensive with that of the Grand Lodge and it may hold annual, Stated or Special Communications at such times and places as it or its duly authorized Officer or Officers may determine.

Active membership in such Lodge shall not continue unless regular membership in good standing is maintained by such member in a regular subordinate Lodge of this Jurisdiction. Honorary, associate, corresponding, and/or subscribing memberships in such Lodge may be had and maintained by individual Masons, Masonic libraries, Masonic bodies or organizations on such terms, and conditions as the Florida Lodge of Research may prescribe. Individual Masons may be elected “Fellows” by the Florida Lodge of Research as a recognition of outstanding accomplishment.

Membership in such Lodge of Research shall not be considered dual membership. The Florida Lodge of Research shall promulgate a Code of By-Laws for its government which shall be effective upon its approval by the Grand Master.

The Grand Master may promulgate such rules and regulations as he deems appropriate for the government of such Lodge.